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We are looking for committed coaches who are consistent and take little time off!


Development Staff:

Saturday Mornings-Early Afternoon (with very few days booked off a year)

Looking for coaches to run beginner/advanced classes. For ages ranging from 4-14yrs, classes range from 1-2hrs, but their maybe 2-4 classes in a day. So could be a total of 1-6hrs.


Camp Staff:

Monday-Friday Full Day (with very few days booked off a year)

Our camps run 9:00am-4:00pm; Staff is required to be there 8:30am-4:30/5:00pm



Temporary supply positions are also available


As Coach/instructor, your primary job will be to provide FUNdimental training for young athletes. You’ll be teaching and ensuring participants learn the basic fundamentals of basketball, while creating a fun environment for them to learn.

Instructors are required to provide theoretical and practical instruction in basketball and helping athletes to maintain their general health and fitness.


You will be responsible for assessing the performance of these young athletes under your expert direction, and analyzing the flaws or weaknesses of their skills. You’ll be in charge of following our program guide and/or developing your own training activities.

Not only will you be helping your athletes to develop their new skills but you will be preparing them to move on to the next level. Moreover, you’ll be liaising with program director to communicate on program status etc. 


Specific Responsibilities:

• Lead, supervise, and promote the safety of all participants

• Prepare lessons, and lesson plans according to the required curriculum

• Teaching students using a variety of different techniques including discussions, visual demonstrations, guided discovery, and where possible physical manipulation

• Lead students through activities

• Identify each child’s individual learning needs

• Nurture and develop all athlete’s potential skills and abilities

• Evaluate student’s progress and discuss results with students, parents, and the onsite coordinator

• Participate in staff meetings and required training

 • Assemble, maintain, and repair all supplies or equipment when necessary

• Motivate athletes to success

• Monitor the program, sports facility, and materials to ensure safety and provide first aid assistance when required

• Enforce safety rules and regulations

• Experience working with children aged 6-12

• Oversee a group of 6-12 players on-court and provide feedback, reminders, and encouragement.

• Be punctual and respect the schedule.

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