Position Description – TEAM MANAGER 

Position title; Team manager 

Responsible to: The executive committee

Objective: The team managers are bound by the Gators community sport’ code of conduct. Provide a recreational and motivational service to members. 


✓ Preserve our history of the Markham Gators Basketball Club.

✓ To provide a safe and fun basketball environment for kids, parents, officials, parents and spectators alike to enjoy playing in a fun and enthusiastic environment built on every member receiving an equal and fair opportunity to participate in the sport of basketball. 

✓ Parents/Honorary members who volunteer their valuable time to positively support children within our club in a coaching role, will receive assistance in training to ensure that the skill and art of basketball is made possible for our children and to provide a ‘have a go’ philosophy. 

✓ The property and income of the Club shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Club – subject to the rules of the Association. 

✓ To liaise with other organizations (government, non-government, private or public) to further benefit the purpose of the Club. 

✓ To ensure all aspects of the Clubs activities and its members strive for the continuation of the Club goals and philosophy.

✓ Codes of Conduct


Position title: Uniform officer 

Responsible to: The uniform officer is accountable to the president and club members. 

Objective: The uniform officer is to provide new and existing members with uniforms. The uniform officer also keeps stock and a distribution record of equipment. 


✓ Be responsible for purchasing and storing adequate numbers of uniforms, to ensure the image of the club is respectable. 

✓ Obtain from TEAM MANAGER  a list of teams and names with their respective numbers to ensure no two team members are purchasing the same uniform number. 

✓ Liaise with New Players 

✓ Liaise with Parents 

Position Description – FUNDRASINING | SPONSORSHIP 


The Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer is primarily responsible for all revenue generation for the club. 



• Form a sponsorship and fundraising sub-committee (if necessary).

• Set fundraising goals for the club. 

• Develop a fundraising program / strategy for the club.

• Develop and implement a sponsorship servicing program that provides value for the club’s sponsors. 

• Identify all available sponsorship opportunities. 

• Prepare submissions and all supporting material and ensure all materials required for fundraising are ordered and available.

• Arrange all necessary permits, registrations and approvals for fundraising activities as required. 

• Present proposals to interested parties.

• Organise fundraising activities and functions for the club. With Special Event Coordinator 


• Supervise the collection of all monies raised and arrange payment to the Treasurer. 

• At the end of each function or activity, reconcile all funds raised with Treasurer. 

• Maintain appropriate fundraising records as required by the Treasurer. 

• Ensure that all commitments are provided according to the terms of the respective sponsorship agreements. 

• Maintain accurate records of all sponsorship, fundraising and donations received.

Position Description – EVENT PLANNER


A Special Events/ Meeting Coordinator assists in the coordination and execution of events including meetings, tournaments, and  fundraising events, . They may work in a variety of situations, including  athletic corporations, banquet and resort facilities, and non-profit organizations.


  • performing event administrative duties

  • developing, coordinating and implementing event plans

  • implementing risk management 

  • implementing marketing plans

  • implementing on-site events

  • coordinating staff and volunteers


Join one of our committees;  assist with our event planning and/or fundraising committees!


Assist club at special events/tournaments/fundraising events!


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